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About Us

  • FAQs - Our most frequently asked questions
  • Rescue Candidates - What makes a comic a good candidate for our rescue process?
  • Technical Process - How do you guys do this? 
  • RescuedComics.com is saving hundreds of comics from being thown away or cut up and used as decoration. The ultimate Upcycling...

    RescuedComics was started by collectors who are less interested in Modern Age comics and love the art and stories of Bronze, Silver and Golden Age comic books. We found our collecting and enthusiasm being focused around this time period. So what happens when you fill in all the holes in your run of a title, when you have all the important appearances of your favorite character. Are you done? Do you to stamp and coin collecting at this point? Not a chance!

    The Modern Age does have some great things to offer. The idea of variant covers and sketch covers didn't happen until the Modern age. So how do we get those great concepts into our favorite books of the past?

    RescuedComics.com combines all of these ideas into a single project.  

    1. Coverless comics are no longer worthless and are re-purposed into valuable additions to any comic collection
    2. Custom unique covers are created and attached to these coverless comics, adding a RescuedComics variant cover that exists nowhere else.
    3. Gold, Silver and Copper age collectors are challenged once again to find these very limited super rare versions of their favorite comics available nowhere else.