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Technical Specifications and Identifying Condition

Sure Rescuing Comics is fun, but let's talk about the process in place used to save these comics.

Are RescuedComics exactly the same as when they were on the newsstand...Short Answer, NO.

Restoring comics is not what we do. Don't let that scare you . We are creating a new variant cover for comics that were previously coverless comics. Every single comic book we rescue looks awesome, but we want to be clear they weren't perfect to start and time-travel is not part of our process.


The Cover:

On all our covers we have choosen a paperstock very close to the original weight and gloss of the comic's original cover. Our RescuedComics cover is printed out using extremely high resolution digital laser technology. The cover is trimmed and only slightly oversized, this is designed to protect the comic inside and helps give the appearance of the comic being perfectly square. The old comic printing/trimming process always had problems with this, no two books were ever cut exactly the same which is why every RescuedComic cover is custom cut for the comic book. When the book is covered, it feels amazing, like the cover was always there.

The Condition:

Unfortnately, all coverless comics were not treated equally so we are finding rescue conditions will vary through the process. We see all kinds of things when doing this. It is very common for children to have written a name, issue number or a price on the first page of the comics (Hey, I did it when I was a kid). Corners get folded, pages have small rips and paper can change color and because brittle over time (especially on our Golden Age Rescues). The longer comics go without a cover and the more they are handled, the greater the chances of something happening.

Since commercial grading will only ever give a recovered comic book a NG grade.

We have four classes of rescue that help us identify condition of a Rescued Comic:

Safeguard Rescue

Very often but not always the pages still appear are off white. No writing on the front page, no ads clipped out. These comics are recovered and look fabulous. Many times they comics had half-covers protecting them. Newstand owners used to rip part or all of the cover off and return it to the publisher for a full credit. The rest of the comic was supposed to be thrown away but many weren't and these are the half covers are the survivors.

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Almost Perfect

D'oh... these comics would have been a Safeguard Rescue but they have some minor issues that kept them from being the perfect rescue. Maybe somebody wrote a name on the first page, or the staples have started to rust.

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Nick of Time

These comics have some condition issues, but with their new cover firmly attached, will protect from damage them going forward. If an ad is missing or an interior page is ripped that will be identified in the condition description. However all of the pages are present and attached.

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These comics have some condition issues with pieces cut out or interior pages ripped. The new cover will hide and protect from further damage them going forward but there is only so much we can do. We will always be up-front about the condition in both our pricing and condition description.

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Beyond Rescue

Although when you are rescuing things you wish you could save them all but unfortunately you can't. These comics were treated badly throughout their life, they may be readable, or used for someone's art project but for a number of reasons they won't be able to hold onto a new cover.

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